Wednesday, February 01, 2006

January in Minnesota

I drove 2 1/2 hours to my workshop. Good thing I got there early, the classroom was SO hard to find in the college. Presenting went very well. I always remember why I love speaking/presenting. There were about 8-9 ladies there, and several of them said how much they enjoyed the ideas. Some of them said they would be at my workshop on Saturday, so I have to make sure I have some different ideas. It was interesting cuz several people said they work with toddlers or infants and toddlers and were wondering about inexpensive ideas to use with them. Does anyone out there have some super ideas? If so please post them here for all to see. One of the things I suggested was that they take an empty formula can, cut a slit in the plastic cover, and let the babies drop metal juice lids or metal canning jar lids into the can. It makes a fun sound and it is great for hand/eye coordination.
I heard on the radio on the way down, that Minnesota is experiencing the warmest January since 1849. WOW. Nice for the old heating bill anyway.
The weather on the way home was gastly. It started out as wet slushy snow, and quickly became a semi-blizzard. If you have never driven in snow on rural 2 lane roads, I dont' suggest it. It was hard to see where the side/middle of the road was, so for quite a bit of the time I could only go 35-40 mph. Ugg.. I did stop to get coffee and that felt great. Warm, filling. However, I have a question. Precisely where does a gal find a bathroom at 11:30 pm in a snowstorm in rural Minnesota? I'm just asking.