Monday, February 06, 2006

Wonderful Weekend.

I did have trouble getting myself ready on Friday night so I got a bit of a late start, but the roads were good and I got almost all the way set up on Friday night for the Saturday conference. Which was AWSOME. Great sales, friendly ladies, good food, and the presenting went very well. I love that part of what I do. It is so fun to get the group to start sharing ideas and getting excited about trying something new. It always makes me feel great when I can find something new for either a very new Childcare provider, or one that has been in it for a lot of years.

We had a good Sunday too with Church, then family time and relaxing. Though my daughter went to my neighbors church for a memorial service for her best friend. Last summer, Mary Helen's best friend, Karina was in a horse accident and was killed. She was only 9. This last week she would have turned 10. I think this has been a tough year for my daughter. I know she thinks about her a lot, even if she doesn't talk about her much.

Then I did a few business things while my husband worked on school work, and a bit of relaxing in the evening and it made for a great weekend. Oh, and we had Benjamin's basketball coach in for coffee. He was out on an errand and came in to get warm. It was fun to get his perspective on coaching 18 7th graders. It has been so fun to watch Benjamin's games.