Thursday, January 17, 2008

Starting a New Year

Well, I am a little late in the whole "New Years Resolutions" writing, but still wanted to catch up a little. Serenity announced at Christmas that she and Steve are engaged. Possibly getting married July 12, 2008. They may wait a year to get the finances together, but we will see how that all plays out. She is trying to figure out where to go to school next year. She is going into interior design and there are not very many schools that offer that as a degree. She is thinking about Fargo or Minneapolis right now. I went to see her in Duluth last weekend and we had such a great time. She tried on wedding dresses (she will be a beautiful bride), we ate at Olive Garden and Sara's Table, the restaurant where she works, we went to the movie "The Bucket List", and then on Saturday went to the Duluth Bridal Show. Very fun.

So with Serenity getting married this summer, I am desperate to lose weight. I have done pretty well so far in the first 2 weeks of the new year, taking off about 5 lbs of the weight I put on since last fall. Argg... Never ending struggle that this is. Up 10, down 2, up 3, down 5. On and on.

The business has been quiet for a little bit, but I will start traveling this weekend, to Grand Forks, ND. Then traveling most weekends through April (I have a few weekends off).

I won a Brita filter and bottle from another blogger. Lora from Less of Me. Thanks Lora.

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