Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers Day to Me

It was a fairly standard mothers day around here. Except it was Ron's first without his mother. The kids faught on the way down to church, we picked out a grill (I think this was supposed to be a mothers day gift, but no, it is for the family, at least in my mind), we ate at Subway, and then home for an afternoon of naps (me), putting the grill together (Ron and Benjamin), riding the horse (Mary Helen), making us all unhappy (Jonathan), and watching tv (me, Benjamin, Mary Helen). I do have to say, I have been down in the dumps the last few days. I know this time of year is really busy for Ron, and now that I am not traveling, I am home, but alone. Can you feel another pity party coming on? Arggg...

I have the laundry started and have been coloring rice to sell this morning. It is very easy to do. Here is the recipe:

2 cups white rice
1 tbls rubbing alcohol
liquid water color (as much as you want, but at least 1 tbs)

Stir in a bowl, lay flat on newspaper to dry (put on a formica counter top, NOT on nice wood, the alcohol will take the finish off of wood). It will be dry in less than an hour. Make several colors, mix and use for collaging, or making a fun rice box for kids to play with magnets in.

So I am in shorts ready to exercise this morning. I really need to exercise for both my mind and body. Hope you all had a nice mothers day.

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