Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lazy Saturday

I am having a lazy Saturday and it feels wonderful. I am frequently traveling on Saturdays so to be home and just relaxing is so great. The little kids went fishing with a neighbor and Ron is out farming with Benjamin. Ah, the house to myself. (Oh, ya, I get the house to myself all week, but it is different because I am working). They caught 2 fish and brought them back for me to cook and then we all ate very fresh pan fried fish. Delish. We picked out the picture invitations for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. There is a picture from their wedding day and a really recent picture too. Very fun. Had a good day of home visits in Bemidji on Thursday. I really should be cleaning closets today and getting ready to paint my bedroom. I bought yellow paint, but with all that has gone on in the last 2 months, it had to wait. I did do budgeting stuff this morning, so now I know what I need to be careful about as far as money.

Ron and I are going to take a mini-vacation to the Taylors Falls area the second weekend in June. My dad asked me to present a workshop for their Sunday School teachers that Sunday night, so we will go up to Int'l Falls to his church after our vacation. I am really excited about getting away with Ron. It has been a few years since we have been away alone.

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