Tuesday, February 28, 2006


We all have to have a plan, right? And here is mine and has been going on for about 5 days.
It is somewhat vague, though based on the realization that I will need to burn/reduce my intake by 210,000 calories to lose the 60 lbs to my goal weight of 150. So with that as my starting reference and realizing that I am going to need to be exercising an hour a day by the end of all this, I set up 3 "steps" if you will in my weight loss. I figured roughly that from 210 down to 180 that I would stay the same weight at 2400 calories per day, It will likely take me 22 weeks to lose the first 30 lbs, From 210-180 I want to try for 1850 calories per day and burning at least 1500 calories a week. Whatever combination of exercise burns 1500 calories, wether it is 3 times at 500 calories each or 5 times at 300 calories each. Then when I get to 180 lbs, I estimated that I could maintain that weight with 2100 calories, so I want to reduce my calories to 1650 calories and up my exercise to 3000 calories extra burned per week (I think I can do this in 11 weeks), then for the last 11 weeks, I assume that I would maintain at around 1900 calories per day, so for the last 11 weeks, I want to have my calories at around 1550 and burn about 4000 extra calories per week. I haven't thought about maintenance except to realize that I will need to be exercising about an hour a day (I think of that usually for 5 days a week, not 7). Okay, so now the world knows what I weigh, too humiliating. I actually started at 211 lbs, but my weight now is 209.5, so I guess it is working. Please, please, if you know me, or come to one of my workshops, or are another vendor or customer, Please don't tell me you read my blog. I would rather die.