Monday, June 18, 2007

Speaking and Ordering and Selling OH MY!

I really do not know where the time went. The speaking went so well up at the International Falls Covenant church last Sunday night. There were about 125 people who attended and I was THE speaker. So I guess I have done a key note now. It was so much fun. I did have a hard time sleeping leading up to it and I think I presented it several times while laying there trying my best to go to sleep. But is is over now and I could easily do another key note. We stayed with my mom and dad (Ron went with me) at the place they have been living for the last 5 months. It is located on Rainy Lake with it own private cove. The house is situated such that when you sit in the living room looking out, there is water on either side of a spit of land. It is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen. It was so relaxing to be there (in spite of the fact that I was nervous about speaking). Ron and I did a little bit of hiking, we used the paddle boat, and even sat on the deck for a little while. I wish we would have had longer to be there, but this was great. I am still struggling along with the weight loss. I am down about a total of 4 pounds from a month ago. Struggle, struggle, struggle.

I have been placing my summer orders for the business. It is when I get the best deals and free shipping so it is hard to pass up. But it is also hard to pay for when there is less travel. I hope to do at least 2 days of sales calls out of town this week. I have the laundry started and I will get out to the store in a bit here. I worked on moving things around in the store on Friday and Saturday. I put up a new display, moved some old ones around and finally got to the bottom of my desk. Ugg.. it had really gotten bad. An old friend stopped by on Saturday and the kids and I were thrilled to see her.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Wedded Bliss

On Friday night our family cooked and served the grooms dinner for my oldest nephew. It was so much fun. It was also our 16th anniversary. Then Saturday was the wedding. That was also very fun. So great to see family that we hadn't seen in a long time. The wedding was beautiful and it really hit me when I saw the ring on his finger. This is my first nephew to get married, and I feel like it is going to start a cascade of neices, nephews and maybe my own daughter getting married.

Ron and I got up and walked for about 30 minutes this morning, and then I did a 45 minute workout video before lunch as well. I am down about 4 lbs since the middle of May. I have to start somewhere I guess.

I am getting ready for a new workshop that I am presenting at my Dad's church in International Falls, MN next Sunday night. It is on Learning Styles and I am very excited about it, but also very nervous.

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