Thursday, April 16, 2009

She'll be coming around the Mountain When She Comes

I never did quite understand the meaning of that song title, but it came to mind as some one who arrives (or blogs) when it suits her, which of course, once a year posting just doesn't quite cut it now does it?

As far as business and speaking, I have been happily busy. Doing some evening training and many weekend trainings at conferences as well.

The kids are all well. Serenity is in Minneapolis at the U of M. Doing really well in the School of Design. Benjamin gets his drivers license this summer. yikes... Mary Helen is busier than ever. She was in Volley Ball, Basket Ball and now track. She wants to go to 2 summer camps plus have cousins over for a week, plus maybe a community play... Jonathan just turned 11. Has anyone ever said that having 8 boys sleep over is not a good idea? Well, it is not. Like they say... "don't try this at home".

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