Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday Morning

The early part of this week is nice and slow at home, then Wednesday I set up for a 2 day conference (Thursday and Friday) at which I present both days, and then travel directly to a Saturday conference where I present again. I need to be all ready to go so that it doesn't hit me.

I am doing laundry, and trying to put out spring decorations this morning. It is slow going to get all my snowmen put away. I do love them, but it is time for Spring. We still have lots of snow, so the outside will not match the inside for a while. I found 2 "diet" books at a used place for $1.00 each. One is "Thin for Life", and the other is Susan Powter's "Food". I have read a bit of each one and so far I like them both. I did not lose or gain this week, which I can live with because I have only done so so, and a couple days did very poorly. I just got off the treadmill, about 2 1/2 miles in 35 minutes. My foot is bothering me. I pulled a door over it about 6 weeks ago, and I have wondered if one of the little bones got cracked. If it isn't one thing it is another. I watched 1/2 ton man last night on TLC. Arggg... Why is weight loss etc. so hard, so much work, such a mental process. They were talking about how people who overeat have dopamine receptors that are similar to a drug addicts, or in other words, they have less dopamine receptors that are working (for whatever reason), so people that eat too much are looking for that "high" that comes from lots of food, and they have to eat ever larger quantities to get the same feeling. I do at times feel like a food addict. I even feel like I "check out" when I am in the middle of a binge. I don't want to deal with anyone, just let me be with my food so I can ENJOY it. Sad.

I had such a great work week last week. I did so many things. No conferences, but 2 evening workshops (one in Little Falls, MN, one in Grand Rapids, MN), 1 homeschool home party, several home visits and some home deliveries.

If anyone is reading, I would so appreciate an encouraging comment or two.