Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Thoughts and Such

Well, I got on the treadmill on Monday and Tuesday despite the fact that one of my feet was bothering me. I really appreciated the exercise. I also have continued to read "Thin for Life" and I am trying to reframe this into a NON-diet diet. I do know on one level that I will have to do this for the rest of my life, but on another level, I just want this to be done. I wonder if I thought more in terms of health if I would find social situations less daunting? Would I realize that holidays are not something to be feared? I don't know, lots of thoughts spinning through my head right now.
Also working on not feeling rejected. Nothing specific (that I can share). But I do at times "feel" rejected even when I know that it might be more in my head. I experience this more when I am heavy, than when I am thinner.
I am going to set up in Bemidji, MN today for a 2 day conference. My family has 2 days off of school because our girls basketball team is going to State on Thursday and Friday. I wish that I could be home with them and get the vacation too. It will be okay though, it will work out.
I am having some general anxiety over the last few days. Not sure why, (maybe not using food to cope???).