Thursday, March 30, 2006

You can't get blood from a Stone

I am going into town in a little while to give blood. I do have somewhat difficult veins, but hopefully it won't hurt too bad. I keep asking how many calories it takes to produce a new pint of blood in my body. After all I do know that it is mostly water, but surely your body has to use some energy in creating a whole pound of blood. I have never seen a significant loss on the scale after giving blood, but I keep hoping. It is so embarrasing because I gave blood about a year ago and was at my all time low (for the last 15 years anyway) at 162 lbs. Then 5 months later I want in and had gained about 25 pounds to about 185, now I will be going in there and have to tell them that I weigh 205, another 20 pound gain. Argg...
I have gotten on the treadmill 4 of my 5 days so far this week. We are celebrating my youngest son's 8th birthday on Saturday with about 25 people. It gets big fast because my sister has 11 kids (9 live at home), so whenever they come it is over 1/2 of the people. We always have such a great time though and I hope my kids (and my neices and nephews) have great memories of all our super get togethers.
I am still having a hard time with motivation this week. Inertia... it's holding me back. (Sung to the tune of the old Ketchup commercial... "Anticipaaation... you're making em wait" Does anyone else remember that or am I just stinking old here).
Hey, have a good one.