Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Still here, still kicking.

I know, I know I haven't updated in a while. I am still here, but running like a fool. I was in St. Paul, MN for 3 days with the MACHE conference. All in all rather disappointing as far as sales. They were several hundred dollars lower than the last time I was at this location and quite a bit below what I had in sales 1 year ago in Rochester, MN (they move the conference around the state of Minnesota on a 3 year rotation). There were a couple things that really bugged me. First off, so many people charged small amounts. $5, $7.50, $9.99. One fellow tried to charge $1.60 but I said I couldn't. I have to pay .35 right off the top every time someone charges, plus another 4% of the total sale in other fees. So it needs to be a decent amount that is charged to make it worth it for me. Also, I was very irritable with how hard it was to set up. There are loading docks at the River Center (which is where the conference was) and we were told to park, unload, move our vehicle and then come back to move stuff to our spot. But many, many vendors parked and hauled stuff to their spot and even set up while they left their vehicles in the way. One pickup and trailer was at the loading dock the entire time I was setting up on Thursday night. Then on Saturday night when it was time to load my van with my stuff, there was a vendor that was so in the way it was a nightmare. She left her big SUV doors open on the ramp down to my van at least twice so I had to close them before I could get by. She had pallets of stuff in the walk way so you couldn't push your cart past her trailer, and then she had the nerve to do a little dance with her two-wheel cart right in front of me when I had my cart loaded. When I made a face of disgust at her she said "Well, I know it is a sin to have so much energy after a conference." SNOT. I hope she finds this blog and sees herself. It also sounds like I have someone new to pray for. Hmmm.. why do I struggle at Christian Conferences so much more than my daycare conferences? Do I have higher expectations or do Christians really act worse? I am a Christian and I know I have work of my own to do, so don't anyone fall apart on me.
On the diet front, I am up a couple of pounds since last Sunday. Groan. I am at 208.5 as of Monday morning. I really do want to take the weight off, but I seem to want my treats more.
I am in for another 4 days of travel this week. Wednesday night I am doing a workshop in Grand Rapids, MN for a rather large group, then down to the cities for a 2 day conference, then on Saturday I will be in Bagley, MN for a short community sale. I have no idea what to expect for sales, so I hope to be pleasantly surprised.
I sure would appreciate some comments if anyone is reading.