Thursday, April 13, 2006

Up, down, all around.

Well, I am still kicking, but I have had a couple of tough weeks. Between giving blood, TOM, so many workshops, home visits, etc, and the time change, I have been really wiped out. That Sunday after I last wrote, I weighed in at 204.5, then by this last Sunday, I saw 209. Grrr. I am down to about 206.5 this morning, so I am really relieved. The kids and my husband are off school for 5 days now. Today is a busy day, but then I will get to relax and enjoy them. My MIL is taking all of us out for dinner on Easter and then we get to go to the small regional airport to meet my brother-in-law who is coming back from 2 weeks in Gautemala.
I just keep telling myself, "I want to be under 200, I want to be under 200". If I could think myself thin, I would be there already.