Monday, May 29, 2006

Sand-in-my-Eyes Tired

Weight is 209.5

I am so tired this morning. We had 12 graduation parties to go to Sunday afternoon. We also went to one on Saturday night. I did so awsome as far as food. I had water or coffee at a couple of places. I had fruit at a couple of places and had pasta salad twice and one meat sandwich and some soup. But nothing like it usually is. Normally I come home from the graduation parties sick because of too much food. It is very tough to use self control usually, but it really went smoothly for me.
I'm still fighting a cold. This morning I have a sore throat and cough. I need to do laundry, pick up the house and get a couple of business things done. Mary Helen is going on a trail ride, Benjamin may go swimming with a friend, and I bet Jonathan will go to the neighbors house. So I will need to be good and get a lot done while they are occupied.