Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sorrow, sorrow, sorrow sorrow

Can't say much. We have lost some one close to us and I am so sad. Not through death, but by choice so that perhaps makes it worse. Or not, because always there is hope.
The business is going so well, I just love what I do. Had home visits yesterday and the kids only had 1/2 a day of school. Summer vacation has begun and I am hoping for September to come quickly this morning. My youngest son has already had a melt down about a broken car, sworn he won't play with the neighbor boy, riffled through his very messy closet looking for a battery, and had hysterics over NOTHING. Mary Helen is making cookies to sell and coming down to the computer every 3 seconds to ask about ingredients, recipes, etc. This may prove to be a very long summer. I do usually have a transition week or two where I grieve my lost freedom and then we get used to the change and life gets better.
My husband and I had our yearly date, or maybe semi-annual date last night. We went to a end of the year school party/retirement party for some of the teachers/principal at his school, and then to the Mission Impossible 3 movie. Sorry folks but I do love me a good action film, and that was such a great action film. However, on the way home, a belt broke and we were stranded along the side of the highway. A highway patrolman gave us a ride home and Ron is out retrieving the van as I write. Ugg.. Ron figures we have about 650,000 miles on the 3 vehicles we own. I know I need a new work van soon (we buy used, so it wouldn't be new, but maybe newer would be the right term), and Ron's farm pickup is embarrassing to drive. The family van looks okay (were we ever to wash it it would look okay), but has almost 200,000 miles.
So obviously I am trying to distract myself from what I am really thinking about. Have a good long weekend everyone.