Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Three in a ROW!

Weight 204.5

I would guess that a lot of Monday's weigh in was water. Yeah for that. The home visits went well yesterday and then I even walked outside after supper. That felt great. I am going to get out this morning again, or if it starts raining by then, I am going to go on the treadmill. So I am actually down 6.5 for my crazy quest to lose 15 by my 15th, and would "only" need to lose 9.5 pounds for the rest of May. I am going to really push it as much as I can. I also was realizing over the 4 days of travel last week how unhappy I am with my weight in connection to my work. I am just sick about having to get up and speak when I am this heavy. I hate my dress clothes and hate talking to people and having them see my catalog which says that I have lost 60 pounds and only have about 20 lbs to go when that is so obviously not true anymore. So I realized that the hour that I spend exercising is the most important hour of the day in regards to business goals right now. I have so much to do today. Fun stuff, but for whatever reason, I feel a bit overwelmed. I feel like I am juggling a lot of balls and I am afraid that one of them (or lots of them) are going to crash.